Brooke and I are working on plans to return to PNG as soon as possible. We have to get new work permits and visas. This is a process that usually takes a couple of months. A few weeks ago the President of Foursquare PNG died suddenly and unexpectedly. We need to get back ASAP to assist the Foursquare National Executive council and other leaders navigate the transition.

Airline tickets have gone up considerably due to Covid.

We have made the decision to move back to Port Moresby for this tour of duty. That means we will need to purchase new furniture for our apartment there. Our other furniture items are in the Highlands and there is no way to ship them to the coast because there are no roads. We can airfreight smaller items.

There are four keys areas of prayer regarding these things.

  1. A quick turn-a-round on our paperwork.
  2. Finances for travel and relocation.
  3. The national Foursquare Gospel Church of PNG (they have about 1200 churches)
  4. No travel restrictions or quarantine (As of April PNG got hit with a significant outbreak of Covid.)

Thank you for standing with us.

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