What We Are Doing In Papau New Guinea:

Your prayer and financial support make it possible for us to effectively minister in PNG.  This is what you are partnering with: 


Steve teaching at the College of Bible and Life Skills on Kiriwina Island Dec. 2015

Our philosophy of mission work: 

To be cost effective, foreign missionaries must train indigenous people to plant churches, train their own leaders and become self-supporting movements that will eventually produce more missionaries.

  • Training Pastors and Leaders – Most pastors have a one-year Bible certificate and they are begging for more training. We will be teaching in five Foursquare Bible Colleges around the country, as well as helping to coordinate curriculum and materials.
  • Discipleship and Leadership Development  – Evangelism and church planting are very effective, but practical discipleship and leadership training is seriously lacking. There is a huge need to raise up local leaders.
  • Supporting 2000 Foursquare PNG churches – by establishing a national office and centralized communications, creating printed resources and a web site.
  • Working With Foursquare Missions Press – FMP will be donating a portable printing press to PNG.  They have asked us to be involved in the project due to my secular background in publishing, printing and  digital service.  We anticipate producing  Foursquare resources for the entire South Pacific region.
  • Ministering in Prisons Around the Country – Our connections have opened the door for us to be able to go into any prison in the country to preach the gospel and encourage the believers behind bars.
  • Nation-wide Youth Ministry – We have been asked by a National Organization called The Body of Christ (which is being funded partially by the government) to work with them on Youth Evangelism and Cross-denominational events nationwide. As foreign missionaries we can often cross denominational barriers that local pastors cannot.
  • Nationwide Radio Broadcasts – Recently the door opened for us to have a national Gospel program on 27 Satellite-fed FM stations throughout PNG.
  • Settlements and Villages – We continue to evangelize, hold crusades and encourage the smaller churches in the roughest and poorest areas of Port Moresby and the rural villages.
  • Planting Bible Colleges – We are associated with Faith Bible College in Missouri and have the authority to plant Bible Colleges anywhere in the South Pacific. We have all the materials in electronic format.