What We Are Doing In Papua New Guinea:

Your prayer and financial support make it possible for us to effectively minister in PNG.  This is what you are partnering with: 


Steve teaching at the College of Bible and Life Skills on Kiriwina Island

Our philosophy of mission work: 

To be cost effective, foreign missionaries must train indigenous people to plant churches, train their own leaders and become self-supporting movements that will eventually produce more missionaries.

  • Teaching in Foursquare Bible Colleges – Most pastors have a one-year Bible certificate and they are begging for more training. Brooke and I teach in two Foursquare Bible Colleges around the country, as well as developing curriculum and other training materials. We are currently working on a continuing education program for our pastors and leaders,
  • Monthly Provincial Pastor’s and Leaders’ Conferences – In 2019 we were asked to be on a team of eight speakers that travel the country speaking in Provincial Leadership meetings.  With 22 provinces, plus the National Capitol District, we have the opportunity to ministry to every pastor in the country.
  • Discipleship and Leadership Development  – Brooke and I are certified to teach the Foursquare Global Leaders and Discipleship Training (DLT) throughout the South Pacific Region. Practical discipleship and leadership training is seriously lacking. There is a huge need to work with local leaders to raise up a new generation of leaders.
  • Supporting 2000 Foursquare PNG churches – PNG has approximately 2000 churches and thousands of pastors in the country. As national missionaries we work across the country supporting all our churches and pastors.
  • Managing a Foursquare Missions Press  Digital Print Shop  – FMP donated a portable digital print shop to PNG.  Steve manages the print shop.  The produce New Testaments, soft cover books, manual, training manuals, tracts and other resources for PNG and other Foursquare missionaries in the South Pacific.
  • Settlements and Villages – We continue to evangelize, hold crusades and encourage the smaller churches in the roughest and poorest areas of Port Moresby and the rural villages.
  • Bible-Based Psychological Counseling and Training – Brooke has a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a  Doctorate in Christian Counseling, She is also certified in Trauma Counseling in War Zones.  She provides training on many of the psychological issues plaguing the nation, as well as trauma counseling.