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“The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences.”
-Carl Frederick

A grab bag of miscellaneous articles on a variety of subjects. You’ll find devotional articles, ministry articles, and issue articles. They have one thing in common – they are all good. We trust you will find them relevant and challenging in your life and ministry. (Note:  The links take you to my other ministry website, C3M Ministries, where the resources are located.)

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The Veil that Remains by Steve Highlander

Many Christians and Jews give equal authority to the Old and New Covenants. This is Biblically incorrect. Paul argues that the Glory of the Old Covenant (The Law of Moses) was a temporary covenant and was destined to fade away. and yield to the surpassing glory of the New Covenant. This is one article in a series regarding Law and Grace and how you cannot mix the two. In this article, you will discover some things you may not have considered before.

Two Anointings for Everyone by Steve Highlander
The Holy Spirit has an amazing range of ministry purposes in our lives. As Christians, we often hear about “anointing with oil.” However, the physical act is symbolic of the real anointing that comes through the Holy Spirit. Specifically, every believer should have two basic anointings: 1. The anointing of salvation that connects our human spirit with the Holy Spirit. This connection produces eternal life or causes us to be “born-again” and equips us to live the Christian life. 2. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit by Jesus, empowers us to serve God within the Body of Christ through the various gifts of the Spirit. Learn about these two anointings and how they can transform your life.

The Domestication of the Spirit, by Steve Highlander
Is Jesus really the Head of His Church or the figurehead of our church? Do our modern “worship services” allow the Holy Spirit to move or is He just our mascot, along for the ride like the Dalmatian on a fire truck? In this message, I look at several dictionary definitions of DOMESTICATION and apply them to our attempts to make the church operate the way we want it to.

The Second Reformation Part 1: Defining God’s Movements in History since the 1500s, by Steve Highlander
In this 6-page article, Steve defines the words we have used to describe God moving in the world and some significant events and people associated with each move. He looks at reformation; revival, renewal; awakening, and movement. This article touches lightly on the historical significance of the first reformation, the cause of denominationalism, historic revivals, the four awakenings in America and the Pentecostal movement, Latter Rain, and the Charismatic Renewal. You will especially be intrigued by the person who prayed publicly in a church service on January 1, 1901, and what happened the same day on the other side of the world in response to that prayer.

Three Dollars Worth of God, by Steve Highlander
How much of God do you want in your life? A humorous (?) look at the attitude many people have, with a call to commitment.

A Lighted World Costs More, by Steve Highlander
What is the true cost of having a world shining brightly with the gospel message? It takes more than money to reach the world. Jesus thought it worth the price – do you? A true story with a challenge.

Availability, by Steve Highlander
“I have a gun here and it will be a miracle if I make it through the night.” This article relates a true story of how being available to God means the difference between life and death. God is often more interested in our “availability” than He is in our ability.

Behind Bars with Jesus Christ, by Steve Highlander
Jesus said, “I was in prison and you visited me.” Life in prison is difficult. And anyone who really lives for Jesus Christ knows that living a consistent Christian life can be tough sometimes. Christians in prison face a lot of pressure every day. In addition to the normal pressures of prison life and the struggle to maintain a Christian walk that we all deal with, they face many unique situations that Christians outside the fence don’t face. Steve helps Christians understand the unique needs and challenges of Christian brothers and sisters behind bars and encourages everyone to consider the statement of Jesus about ministering to him in prison.

Not on My Watch, by Steve Highlander
The words welled up in my spirit as I sat listening to a message on Saturday night in church. In many ways, the Church of Jesus Christ is struggling to remain viable in today’s culture. Many Churches have simple given in to the organizational aspect of church as usual. Only 3% of our youth in the 8-28 age group claim to be born again. The thought came to me, “Will we be the generation to lose the light?”

Don’t go to Hell for Something You Didn’t Do! by Steve Highlander
Nobody wants to get in trouble for something they didn’t do. However, did you know that it isn’t what you do that ultimately sends you to hell, but something you didn’t do? Confusing isn’t it? Well, that is why so many people have a hard time understanding and accepting God’s free gift of salvation.

If there is a God, I’m pretty sure He Doesn’t Like Me! Now What? by Steve Highlander
The World places value on people based on their performance. The better a person performs the more money they make and respect they get. Because our performance is pretty dismal when it comes to sin, we naturally assume God places little value in us. How could He love us? After all, how could He love something with so little value? But God’s love is not based on your performance, but rather on the value He invested you with when He created you.

Hasn’t Science Disproved God? by J.S., YWAM
Is science really at odds with theology? In this article, J. looks at the three disciplines of science, philosophy, and theology and concludes that the three are not really at odds, but that they all ask different questions and provide somewhat different answers from their particular perspective. As a committed missionary with a degree in Anthropology, J. provides a unique perspective on the issue.