Be the Church

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Be the Church
Stop settling for going to church and start BEING the Church
by Steve Highlander

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In this message-length booklet, Steve looks at the difference between GOING to church and BEING the Church. The Greek word for Church is “ecclesia” and it means, “called out.” The church is not an organization, building, or program. It is the “called out”people of God. Not only are we called out of some things, but we are also called into some things.

In this message, you will discover five areas the Bible proclaims us to be called out of and into. You will also learn why these are essential to Christian life and how to apply them in your life. You will be encouraged to look at how you view Church differently

  1. You are called out of death into life.
  2. You are called out of darkness into light.
  3. You are called out of Sin into obedience.
  4. You are called out of the power of Satan into the Kingdom of God.
  5. You are called out of the world into the Church.



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