Bible Study Notes

For those who are looking for a good message starter for a sermon or small group, or those who just love self-study.  In this section, you can download and print some Bible study notes on various topics.  These are just what it says they are – NOTES.  You won’t find a lot of extra text, just the notes I teach off when I do Bible studies, series messages, and seminars. I trust these spiritual seeds will grow into full-blown messages as you study, pray and apply them in your own life. I hope you enjoy these studies as much as I do.  I am always available to answer questions if you get lost. Just E-Mail me. Steve Highlander

“The words printed here are concepts.
You must go through the experiences.”

-Carl Frederick

~ Study Topics ~
Click a title to view the notes.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print the notes.  If you don’t have it you can download a FREE copy here.

The Peace of God-  Overcoming Fear and Anxiety 

Anxiety is the hallmark of the world. Jesus said men’s hearts would fail for fear in the last days. In this study Pastor Steve reveals the cause of anxiety and provides scriptural instruction for you to experience the peace of God that passes understanding. 

Principles of Seeking God

Based on Hebrews 11:6 this message looks at 5 things in this verse that will help you seek God successfully. 1. It deals with what Biblical faith is and is not. 2. The issue of Idolatry – allowing things to come between you and God.  3. Believing that God is who revealed Himself to be. 4. Seeing God as a rewarder, not a judge. 5. Diligently seeking God with a united heart.

The Reality of the Body of Christ 
The keynote message of the revelation Paul received from God.  The church is not an organization or a building.  The church is the people of God united by the Spirit and gathering together in Jesus’ name.  These 14 scriptures provide the New Testament overview of Paul’s teaching on the Body of Christ.  Listen to the audio message that these notes go with,

Are Christians Still Under the law?
This is a hot topic today.  One of the areas that Christians seem to have struggle with is how to relate to the Old Testament.  We know the Old Testament seems to be very different from the New Testament.  Some would say today that you have to keep the law and follow the Old Testament in all its moral and ritualistic requirements.  Others say the Old Testament is not for today and simply ignore it.  Is there real Biblical ground we can walk on?  In this series, I deal with nearly every passage in the New Testament that discusses Law and Grace.  I believe it will settle some issues and strengthen your faith.

One New Man:  The Mystery of the Church and Israel
Another hotly debated topic in Christian circles.  Who are God’s chosen people?  This study looks specifically at what Paul called, “the mystery of Jews and Gentiles.  A thorough New Testament examination of the subject.  Much false doctrine has resulted from the Church failing to get this one foundational truth.  It is not Israel or the Gentiles, God created ONE NEW MAN in Jesus.

Great Grace
Grace is usually defined as “unmerited favor,” but there is more to grace than this. In the study, Steve looks at the two meanings of grace, the application of grace and the appropriation of grace.

First 100 Years of Church History
An overview of the first century of Christianity with a look at some foundational beliefs and practices that caused the first Christians to “turn the world upside down.”

The Lost Art of Servanthood
One of the primary identities of the Christian is as a servant to God, yet we hear so little about authentic Biblical servanthood in messages today.  You’re more likely to find a sermon on being a King than on being a servant.  Good stuff

How to Study the Bible:  Types and Shadows
The Bible is written with at least four levels of understanding.  One level is the picture messages God “coded” into the Bible through the use of types, shadows, parables, figures, allegories, and the use of numbers.  this study defines each area of “coding” and how to get the most from your Bible study.

Have You checked Your Heart Lately?
Someone once said, “the heart of the issue is the issue of the heart.”  this study looks at what the Bible says about our hearts.

The Blood of Jesus: Our Greatest Spiritual Weapon
This study looks at 13 things the Bible says the blood of Jesus does for us.  A great weapon with which to defeat the enemy.  Revelation 12:11 says: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Here’s a checklist to keep close at hand.

Ears to hear! Developing Spiritual Hearing
Jesus told His disciples that they would “hear His voice.”  He also told them to take heed WHAT they heard and HOW they heard. God told the OT Israelites that they needed their “ears circumcised.” (A related audio message)

Devotion or Devotions
How to study the Bible. Devotion is the internal commitment to a person or ideal, while devotions are external acts that may or may not reflect devotion.  You can have devotions without having devotion since it is much easier to read a book or say a prayer then to live according to the principles espoused in them.

Freedom of Forgiveness Seminar Syllabus
Complete study notes for the 12-hour Freedom of Forgiveness Seminar. 

Principles of Victory from Gideon
The story of Gideon is unique in the Bible. We can glean several principles for spiritual victory from Gideon’s experience. Check it out.

The Baptism With the Holy Spirit
Seminar notes on the Spirit-filled life. I discuss salvation and the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. The various uses of the gift of Tongues and Prophecy is thoroughly explained. The three gift sets are discussed and examined in the context of the Body of Christ. And finally a session on preparation for ministry.