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going-deeper_coverGoing Deeper: Taking Your Spiritual Life to the Next Level
by Steve Highlander

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Going deeper in God is a spiritual challenge to our contentment and complacency in our individual spiritual lives.  There is a time (usually several in our life with Christ) in which a person reaches a point where they think (perhaps subconsciously), “I have arrived.  I am spiritual.” It is at that point that they plateau spiritually for some time. That doesn’t mean they are backsliding or not being fruitful. It just means that they have ceased to “Go Deeper.” The truth is, they may be way ahead of the others around them, spiritually speaking.”

About the Booklet

Using the analogy of deep-sea diving I show how any Christian can and should develop a deeper relationship with God in three specific areas: A deeper revelation of Who God is; a deeper revelation of God’s eternal purposes; and a deeper commitment to walking out the will of God in your lives.  This book will challenge you to go a little deeper in your walk with God – no matter where you are at right now!