Meet Steve

Meet Steve
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Dr. Steve Highlander
Steve Highlander has been a Christian since July 1980.  He was Spirit-filled in January 1983 and has been in active ministry since that time.  Steve received his license to the Gospel ministry from Wells of Joy Evangelistic Outreach, Hamilton, MO in 1989 and was ordained by that Church in 1990. He also received a second ordination from Acts Ministry in January 2009 and a third ordination from Apostolic Team Ministries in May 2010. Steve received his Doctorate in Pastoral Theology from Faith Bible College in 2006. He has served as pastor of three churches in the Midwest and helped to plant a new Church (Christ’s Church of Nevada) in Nevada, MO in 2009 with a team of two other elders. He continues to serve on the Apostolic Council. While in Western Kansas he founded Door of Hope Prison Ministry and, with His team, conducted over 400 services inside prison walls. He also produced and spoke on two popular radio programs covering 24,000 square miles of NW Kansas, SW Nebraska, and Eastern Colorado. He has done mission work in Africa, The Philippines, and Mexico and has served as Chaplain for the Missouri National Guard ShowMe Challenge program (a boot camp program for at-risk teens) and other private mental health facilities.  He is has taken police chaplain’s training and has served as a Vernon county Sheriff’s Chaplain. Steve also founded “Talk to a Pastor,”  a web-based resource that allows anyone in the world to ask questions directly to a team of pastors and receive a personal reply.  Additionally, he serves on the board of SeaMist USA, a missions organization recruiting, training, sending, and supporting missionaries to 13 South East Asian countries Steve is a published author and ministers extensively on the Internet around the world through several websites.  He is a certified Christian Counselor with The Association of Scriptural Psychology Therapists. Currently, Steve and his wife Brooke are Foursquare Missionaries in Papua New Guinea.
Dr. Highlander’s Ministry Resume   Dr. Highlander’s Secular Work Resume