What Others Are Saying About Steve and Brooke:

Drs. Steve and Brooke Highlander are some of our dearest friends and ministry partners. With over 30 years of ministry experience and faithfulness the presence of the Lord is evident in all that Steve and Brooke put their hands to. Bringing multiple gifts and talents in almost every area of Christian service, PNG Foursquare and beyond will grow to new levels of maturity and empowerment by their leadership. With an undying passion for the lost and the raising up of new disciples, Steve and Brooke will no doubt open up a fresh wave of ministry leaders in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

Dr. Jerry Stott
Area Representative for the South Pacific
Foursquare Missions International
Author of Positioned For Miracles


It is with a profound sense of responsibility that I attempt to write a recommendation. Lifting up a person’s qualities can be treacherous. It is important to remember that no one is to detract from the glory of God. Now that you understand the seriousness of my intent, it is with genuine gratitude that I undertake the effort to tell you about Drs. Steve and Brooke Highlander.

First, concerning Dr. Steve, he is a theologian for this time in the history of the church. Nowadays, most of the preachers are dependent upon doctrinal beliefs handed down through the media. Steve Highlander is a thinker. He is a student of the Bible, history, and current events. His ministry is punctuated with distinct ideas borne out of a life committed to Christ, Christian living, and prayer. He shows the fruit of having a devotional life centered in Christ. Thus, his communications are rightly set in the Word. One more thing: he is a student and practitioner of congregational life, church organization, and leadership.

Dr. Brooke Highlander stands with her husband in service. She is exceptionally well educated in secular fields that translate into use in the Kingdom of God. Dr. Brooke has a ministry in her own right, and she is a gifted leader of worship, prayer, and studies in the Word. Her willingness to stand with her husband is an example for all women called into a ministry of their own. She is talented in music, writing, communication, and leadership.

The Highlanders are more than the usual “ministry couple.” They bring a great, new dimension into any gathering of the body of Christ. They have a zeal for missions, evangelism, social concerns, and ministry to the local church.

Dr. Paul Collins
(Dr. Collins is the founder Acts Ministry, Inc. and the
Presiding Bishop of Acts Ministry Church,
International, Springfield, MO.)