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Our S.W.A.T. Team – Prayer and Support Partners

Thank you for being a part of our Prayer and Support Team. You are important to us. Please fill out the form below.  We want to get good info on all of our team members so we can know how to stay in touch with you and so we can pray for your family.

I have been captivated by a story I heard. I want to share it with you. In  1792 William Carey, known now as the Father of Modern Missions, was determined to go to India as a missionary.  At a meeting to discuss the mission venture he describes India as “a Gold mine that was as dark and deep as the center of the earth.” He challenged his supports with the following thought: “I will go into the pit if you hold the rope.”  

Brooke and I want to THANK YOU for holding the rope for us as we minister in Papua New Guinea, we simply could not do it with you.

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