There are several ways you can make a difference in Papua New Guinea6-mile-grandmother

  • Prayer:  Nothing happens without prayer support.  With prayer, mountains are moved and lives are changed.  Your prayers for protection, health, anointing, provision, and opened doors are always needed and appreciated.  Also, pray for the people we are trying to minister to.
  • Fellowship:  We would love to hear from you and stay in contact.  PNG is a LONG way from home.
  • Financial Support: Like most missionaries, we need to have the support of those at home to live and work on the mission field.  Your gifts of support – either one time, occasionally or monthly — make the difference in our lives and the lives of every person we minister to. Investing in missions is a sure way to put a smile on God’s face.
  • Make a short-term mission trip to PNG:  You can share your talent,  education, and experience by teaching practical skills as well as Bible teaching and sharing the love of God.
  • Join our S.W.A.T. Team: Click here to let us know you are partnering with us.

We would like to thank you in advance for your prayerful support.  Foursquare Missions International manages our donations. You can give a one-time or occasional donation, or set up a recurring gift. To give securely online simply visit the link below and search for Highlander. You will be given the option to give.

We are directing all financial support through the Foursquare Missions. Please note, we receive 100% of the funds you donate.  Foursquare does not take out any admin or bank transfer fees.  You can donate with a credit and debit card, or with an E-check using the portal above.  You can also set up a recurring donation if it is more convenient for you.  If you prefer to send a paper check please make the check to Foursquare Missions International and earmark it for “highlanders – PNG” (or it will go into the general fund)  and send it to:
Foursquare Missions International
PO Box 26776
Los Angeles, CA 90026-0176
If you prefer to give to us directly, please contact us for options.