Book: Test The Spirits

Test the Spirits is Steve’s newest book.

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The world in which we live is rapidly changing. The Bible said the time would come when people would call good evil and evil good. We are there. The church is being impacted by an onslaught of voices all saying different things. The authenticity and authority of the Bible are not only being questioned but ridiculed, often by people who claim to be Christian.

Test the Spirits is based on the apostle John’s admonition in 1 John 4:1: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

Jesus, and every New Testament writer, warned explicitly about a serious demonic deception that would occur in the last days. Jesus repeatedly cautioned His followers not to be deceived. He went so far as to say the deception would be so good that even true believers would be at risk. This truth is largely ignored in our churches today because it is not a popular message, even though a significant part of the New Testament text is devoted to the subject.

This book is not a witch hunt. It does not point fingers at various ministers, tearing apart their ministries and messages. Rather you will learn to discern for yourself the characteristics of the true and false ministries, messages, and spiritual experiences.

The author has spent thirty-five years in Spirit-filled ministry and currently serves as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. He preaches and practices the gifts of the Spirit. He is committed to the reality and necessity of the New Testament Church in expressing the Kingdom of God in the last days.

In Test the Spirits, the author looks at the nature of the deception we were warned about and gleans significant insight into some of the issues that are impacting the church today. He also discusses how an individual or congregation can learn to discern what is true and false. If we are to “test the spirits” it only makes sense that we figure out how to do it.

A second section of the book gives twelve tests that can be applied to people, messages, and experiences to determine their true nature and source. These tests might surprise you.

Part three of the book discusses the issue of spiritual discernment, what it is, what it is not, and how we develop it.

Part four gives an overview of several dangerous messages that impact the Church today, including a tendency to legalism, The Hebrew Roots Movement, Sabbath-keeping, Gnosticism, Hyper-grace, and some other messages and movements that simply got out of hand through unbalanced teaching.

The last chapter is titled The Good News. Highlander believes the last days will produce significant spiritual warfare but will also see the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit ever known. The Bible tells us multitudes would be saved and delivered in the last days. Overcoming the deception is paramount to being a part of this end-time move of God’s Spirit. Do not be ship-wrecked by spiritual deception in the last days. Test the Spirits will give you the tools, insight, and encouragement to stand strong against the world, the flesh, and the devil.