A Lighted World Costs More!
Reaching the World with the Light of the Gospel of Christ

by Steve Highlander

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 The story is told of a missionary home on furlough from the mission field. The people he was ministering to did not have a concept of the world outside of their own region, so he wanted to buy a world globe to take back and teach them about the rest of the world. As he browsed around a store that sold globes, he asked the owner about different globes and how much they cost. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful lighted globe. The light inside shone through the continents and countries making it glow with vivid colors. The missionary asked the question, “how much is this one?” The shop owner replied, “Well you know, a lighted world costs more.”

 What a profound statement!

In John chapter one we are told that Jesus came as the light to a dark and sin-filled world. Do we really understand what it cost for Jesus to leave His kingly glory, position, and power at the right hand of the Father just to be born as a human? But there is more; the Bible tells us the King became a servant. “Life” Himself was willing to yield to death for a season. But even a regular death was not enough. The Innocent died as a criminal. And yet that was not enough! The Righteousness of the universe was willing that every sin of the entire world (yours included) was laid on His spotless, sinless, and holy soul. Yet that was not enough! Finally, at the last hour, he cried, “My God My God why have you forsaken me?” It was finally enough. With His last breath, He cried, “IT IS FINISHED!”

The Father was willing to sacrifice His Son. The son was willing to humble Himself, even unto death. They knew a lighted world cost more. They also knew that it was worth the cost, whatever cost, to shine that light in the darkness. They thought you were worth it. They also think every other person in the world, Jew, Gentile, Arab, Chinese, American, Russian, indeed “every nation,” is worth the price of a lighted world.

 Jesus had already told His disciples, “You are the light of the world.” On the day of His resurrection, in the upper room, Jesus commissioned His followers with the pronouncement, “as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” Jesus passed the torch to His followers and they in turn have passed it down for 2000 years until at last, it has reached you and me. Do not pass the buck. If you are a Christian, you are the light. A lighted world costs more. Have you ever considered what it might cost to see the world you live in shine with the “glorious light of the gospel of Christ?”

The preaching of the gospel costs a lot more than just money

A common complaint you’ll hear about the church today is “they are always asking for money.” Sometimes this is true. Sometimes it is wrong. Sometimes the motives and projects are not building God’s Kingdom at all, but man’s kingdom instead. There is a simple solution: Don’t give! You are under no obligation. Instead, find a ministry that is doing the real work of the kingdom of God and invest your treasure there, where the light is shining, and souls are being saved.

It is not just about money though! God has invested the power of the gospel – the light of the world – into the hands of His people. His command to the Church was “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND MAKE DISCIPLES!” All the money in the world does not mean a thing if there is not someone who will pay the price to sacrifice their time and even their life to go so the world is lighted for others that live in darkness. Years ago, a Christian Musician, Keith Green challenged listeners at one of his concerts with this thought. “It is so easy to write a check. It is so easy. But how about you not writing a check this time? How about you going instead.” “Going” might entail a trip around the world, or it might just be across the street or the next town over.

A lighted world costs more! It costs our time, attention, and energy. It costs our selfishness, our busyness, and often, our pride. It costs our comfort, and sometimes a portion of our own wants and wishes. God thought it worth the cost. Jesus thought it worth the cost. God did not ask us to do something He was not first willing to do himself. How about you? What price would you pay to see your world lighted? Would you go on a mission trip or even yield to the call to become a missionary? Would you spend time in prayer? Would you give beyond your normal giving to send the light? Some people go; some people make it possible for others to go; some people sacrifice in prayer for those who go. We are all to be involved in preaching the gospel and bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the world.

It does cost to spread the gospel. Bibles and materials have to be printed. There are travel and living expenses for missionaries who are not able to legally work in the country they serve in. It costs to build even a simple building for people in third world countries to worship in. Christian workers, pastors, and teachers need to be trained in the US and other countries. Tapes, books, tracts, and Bible studies cost money to produce.

A lighted world costs more.
Will you be a part of bringing the light to others?



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