Preaching the Gospel, Training Leaders and Supporting the Church in Papua New Guinea

Steve and Brooke Highlander have been preaching the gospel and meeting human needs in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since 2014. They are national missionaries serving with Foursquare Missions International (USA) and the Foursquare Gospel Church of Papua New Guinea in a diverse ministry. They have three key areas of ministry including: Leadership development and discipleship. operating a digital print shop through Foursquare Missions Press, and ministering in local churches in villages and settlements. They teach in two Bible Colleges, speak nationally in pastors conferences and regularly minister in local churches. Brooke also provides trauma counseling and training on psychological issues facing the country. They were recently certified to teach the Foursquare DTL training throughout the South Pacific. Currently the focus of their ministry is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and establishing the Body of Christ in the churches.

The Highlanders are dedicated Christians with years of diverse ministry experience behind them.

From pastoral and worship ministry to prison ministry and work with at-risk youth, Steve and Brooke have been serving the Lord for nearly 40 years. Their experience includes mission work in Africa, Australia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico. Most recently they have been serving in Papua New Guinea preaching the gospel and meeting human needs. Meet Steve and Brooke / Endorsements / Our Ministry in PNG

Papua New Guinea is the poster child for diversity, with over 1000 distinct tribes and 830 languages.

The nation is slightly larger than California with 600 islands and a population of 8.5 million people. Eighty percent still live in tribal conditions without running water or electricity. The nation also has some of the highest stats in the South Pacific for Gender-based Violence, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases. Poverty, illiteracy, and crime are common issues. However, the people are spiritually hungry and the country is experiencing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Papua New Guinea / Where in the World is PNG?

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Jesus and every New Testament Writer warn of a major demonic deception that will be released in the last days. We are admonished, “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God. In Test the Spirits, Steve looks at these warnings and provided some “tests” to apply to any doctrine, person, or spiritual experience. There is a section on developing discernment and the final chapter reveals the tremendous spiritual harvest that is coming in the days ahead.
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