Preaching the Gospel, Training Leaders and Supporting the Church in Papua New Guinea

Steve and Brooke Highlander have been preaching the gospel and meeting practical needs in Papau New Guinea (PNG) since 2014. Their ministry has included working with survivors of gender-based violence, young men from the settlements and villages and children in crisis, as well as outreach ministry to churches, villages and settlements. They returned to PNG in May 2017 as official missionaries with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) and the National Foursquare Church in Papua New Guinea. They have been tasked with helping the national office handle administrative duties and communications, teaching in several Bible Colleges, leadership development and teaching in pastors conferences and leadership seminars. They will also be managing a Foursquare Missions Press printing operation. They will continue to minister in local churches, seminars and revival meetings in the villages and settlements in Port Moresby and around PNG. According to the Highlanders, "We are extremely excited about this new opportunity to expand our ministry in PNG. Our work with Foursquare brings us more fully in line with the vision we have and we are grateful for the opportunities to support the existing ministry and raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders in this country."

Papua New Guinea is the poster child for diversity, with over 1000 distinct tribes and 830 languages.

The Highlanders are dedicated Christians with years of diverse ministry experience behind them.

From pastoral and worship ministry to prison ministry and work with at-risk youth, Steve and Brooke have been serving the Lord for nealy 35 years. Their experience includes mission work in Africa, Australia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico. Most recently they have been serving in Papua New Guinea preaching the gospel and meeting human needs.

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Papua New Guinea is the poster child for diversity, with over 1000 distinct tribes and 830 languages.

Papua New Guinea is the poster child for diversity, with over 1000 distinct tribes and 830 languages.

The nation is slightly larger that California with 600 islands and a population of 7.5 million people. Eighty percent still live in tribal conditions without running water or electricity. The nation also has some of the highest stats in the South Pacific for Gender-based Violence, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Poverty, illiteracy and crime are common issues.

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Thank you so much for your interest in our work in Papua New Guinea,  Check in here to connect with us.

Thank you so much for your interest in our work in Papua New Guinea, Check in here to connect with us.

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Walking the Edge of A Coin Manifesting Sovereignty Walking the Edge of A Coin is a new book on psychology by Dr. Glenn Christie.  In his book Christie deals with the subject of how and why we perceive things to be as opposed to how they actually are.  By learning what causes us to perceive […]

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Dedicated S.W.A.T. Prayer and Support Team We understand the absolute necessity of having a defined team of dedicated Christians beside us as we minister in Papua New Guinea. This is not something we can do alone.  The Spiritual warfare is intense at times. We invite you to join our S.W.A.T. Team (Support. Wisdom. Action. Team). We […]

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Brooke and I landed in Port Moresby  for our next tour of duty.  We are getting settled into our small apartment on the Living Light Foursquare Church compound in the Kaugere district of Port Moresby.  We can see the ocean from our balcony!  We’ve met with the Foursquare leaders here and are […]

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